With a strong and well-established network in Vietnam market, POP has developed a database of Vietnamese investors who want to broaden and diversify their investment portfolios to Australia. We are introducing to and educating Vietnamese investors their potential investment opportunities in Australia.

What we offer our customers

The two forms of investment that POP is introducing to Vietnamese investors are property investment and financial investment. We welcome new opportunities to cooperate with developers, property companies as well as financial institutions in Australia to provide well-structured investment products to our Vietnamese investors.

How can we benefit Australian businesses

Demand for foreign properties and financial investment products is surging in Vietnam, as now investors do not want to limit their portfolios in domestic market only, they constantly seek new opportunities in the international market. We see this as a chance to promote Australian investment products to them. We offer:

Source of potential investors and business partners who are well-qualified

Promote your brand in Vietnam

Strong selling channels