Sydney – the number one Australian city for quality of living

A runner in foreground with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in backgroundSydney outshines other Australian states in quality of living, according to Mercer Survey

Sydney has been ranked the number one Australian city, and has made the top ten list in the world, when it comes to quality of living for expatriate employees.

The latest Mercer Quality of Living Surveyassesses quality of living conditions to help multinational companies and other employers fairly compensate employees when placing them on international assignments.

The survey analyses living standard factors including safety, health, housing, recreation, political stability and public services for 230 cities around the world.

According to Mercer, safety was a feature of this year’s survey and led to a higher ranking for Australian cities including Sydney.

Placed at number ten on the list, Sydney finished well ahead of Melbourne (ranked at 15) and also Singapore (ranked at 26, which was the highest for any city on the Asian continent).

Lorraine Jennings, Mercer’s global mobility practice leader in Australia and New Zealand, said, “Australian cities illustrate a stable infrastructure, increased availability of housing on the city fringe and life-style choices that are particularly appealing to the younger generation and this is all good news in terms of Australian based companies attracting international talent.”



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