- We have been membership and representative of:
- Credit and Investments Ombudsman
- Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia
- NSW Business Chamber
- More than 30 banks and financial institutions in Australia


Australian Securities and Investments Commission

NSW Fair Trading

Quality Assurance

- We are one of the companies process the largest number of business and investor visa applications in the Vietnam market. Our customers are high net-worth investors and successful entrepreneurs, who are committed to bringing a positive contribution to the Australian economy.

- Our consultants have more than 20 years experience in the area of finance, investment, and migration. We extensive have knowledge and insights of both Australian and Vietnamese culture and the business system.


- We are in a strategic partnership with one of the five biggest banks in Vietnam in order to provide add-on values to their services for VIP banking customers. This enables us to access to and connect with successful business owners in diverse industries.

- Being involved in Vietnam market for over 5 years, we have established a well-acknowledged reputation in being a solid bridge to connect Vietnam and Australia. We have successfully supported Vietnamese businesses and Australian businesses to connect and grow.


Ms. Thanh Le has extensive expertise in investing and migration consultancy with more than 15 years of experience. After graduating from one of Australia's leading universities, she had worked for a number of large corporations in Australia and Vietnam in the field of finance, consulting and strategic planning.

In the Vietnam market, Ms. Thanh Le has built a well-known reputation and strong network of Vietnamese investors and business owners who are seeking business and investment opportunities in Australia. As a business connect consultant, Ms. Thanh Le has successful connected many Australian businesses with Vietnamese investors as well as promote many Australian brands in Vietnamese market across industries including Education, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, and Healthcare,... Her passions in promoting business connect between Australia and Vietnam and her experiences and knowledge make Ms. Thanh Le an ideal companion of Australian businesses in expanding their market to Vietnam.